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Reclaim SystemBlast Booths Only has been designing, selling, and installing media blasting enclosures for more than a decade. Our experience with marrying reclaim systems with media blasting enclosures is what sets us apart. We understand the technical process from all perspectives. Our dedicated team will evaluate your needs for a reclaim system and provide an economical solution so that your company can achieve their goals.


When searching for reclaim systems for your blasting needs, there are several variables you need to consider like abrasive being used, production equipment, budget and features like screw conveyor vs vacuum reclaim. The most popular reclaim systems are sweep-in, full floor, h-shaped, u-shaped, and single screw. Full reclaim floors are going to be costly, but the upside is that you get continuous, automatic recycling of abrasive. Corner boxes or partial reclaims are cheaper, but require your blast booth operator to sweep abrasive to the reclaim system which takes time and is not as efficient. Some facilities need their parts to be handled by forklifts which means that the reclaim system will need to be able to handle heavy, floor loading.


Reclaim SystemAbrasive Media Reclaim Systems can dictate a significant portion of the overall budget when doing any blast set up.  There’s a fine balance of getting enough reclaim support built into the system to allow the blaster sufficient time for blasting.   Ultimately, you want your blaster spending more time doing his job (blasting parts) than cleaning up.  Essentially, the more you spend on a reclaim system the less time the blaster will spend doing clean up and the more time that will be spent on blasting parts. Other factors to consider in a reclaim system include the type of abrasive media being used, the ability or availability of doing concrete work, and the number of blasters.  Many factors need to be discussed in order to land on the right system that meets your production needs but also falls within your budget.


When you call us to discuss your media blasting plans be prepared to discuss this information in detail.  We want to learn about your current media blasting process and the intended end goal with your new set up.  With proper planning your next media abrasive reclaim system should meet your needs for many years to come.