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Media Blasting Enclosures

Media Blasting Enclosures

Blast BoothAt Blast Booths Only, our media blasting enclosures are built to meet your needs. Each year we build dozens of custom-engineered blasting facilities for our clients. Just because the blasting enclosure is custom doesn’t mean it comes with a custom price tag. Get the right size blast booth that works best for your application. The goal is to make the purchase one time and one time only! Our balanced systems don’t have compatibility issues since all the components are engineered and designed to work seamlessly with any reclaim system design you choose.


Each blast enclosure has the ability to be constructed from 18, 14 or 12 gauge steel. This allows you to pick a metal thickness that works best with your media type and budget. For example, if you are soda blasting why use a heavy and expensive blast enclosure? The media is minimally abrasive so generally an 18 gauge wall is plenty thick to withstand the test of time. On the other end of things if you are using steel grit media go with our heavier 12 gauge steel constructed media blasting booths and add a ¼” neoprene wall covering. The sacrificial rubber gets eaten up and is far less expensive to replace. In addition, you only had the acquisition cost of 12 gauge steel versus the very expensive 10 gauge steel seen in the past. Days of the old bomb shelter blast booths have come and gone. Utilizing more efficient and economically built media blasting enclosures is more feasible than before.


All media blasting enclosures are built from G90 Galvanized steel so you don’t have to powder coat or paint the exterior. It will look great for many years to come. Also each blast booth is prepunched on 6” centers for quick and easy nut & bolt assembly. This makes it extremely easy if you chose to assemble it yourself or have a factory trained crew do the assembly work for you. Ask us about our engineered standalone outdoor blast booths as well. For many companies, indoor space is limited and that is where a standalone outdoor blast booth might be your best solution.