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Aerospace-Blast-BoothSo why Blast Booths Only for your blasting enclosure?   Blast Booths Only was originally created to serve one purpose and that was to provide an economical option for the customer seeking a quality enclosure to blast in.  We experienced great success doing the booth itself, allowing the customer to marry up their choice of equipment with it.  However, over time, customers have really pushed us to help with the full needs of their blasting set up and we have kindly obliged.  We have since grown to the point where we now provide the full systems.  A full system is the enclosure, the dust collector, and blast equipment.   So yes, technically as our name states, we are still Blast Booths Only but with a broader brush.


What has made us successful?  Simply put, its our knowledge of the abrasive blasting process.  Having designed, sold and installed equipment ourselves you get the chance to work with someone that understands all aspects of a technical process.  Not just a sales guy providing features and benefits but someone who has hands on experience.  We have all the confidence that our products are comparable if not superior to the one you may already be considering.  We believe we can evaluate and understand your process better than anyone.  In the end, we will provide a quality, yet economical solution that achieves your goals.  We hope that you will give us the opportunity to earn your business.


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