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Economical Modular Blasting Enclosures
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Blast Booths Only!

So why Blast Booths Only for your blasting enclosure?   Blast Booths Only was created to serve one purpose and that purpose is to provide an economical option for the customer seeking a quality enclosure to blast in.  We have heard too many times over the years that a blasting set up can be very expensive when one must purchase so many items to complete a system.  This is why we focus on one thing and one thing only and that is the blast room enclosure.


Blast Booths Only believes that by providing you the customer with a quality and affordable blast booth alternative we can help you complete your system in a more economical and timely fashion.  We have all the confidence that our product is comparable if not superior to the one you may already be considering.  We hope that you will give us the opportunity to earn your business.


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Our blast booths will work with most any media recovery system!

Why pay more!!


-Blast booth wall construction can vary depending upon the type of media or customer preference (12-18 gauge sheet metal)

-Air tight seal for media containment

-Metal air inlet plates

-Metal exhaust plenum provided for connection to customer provided dust collector

-All blast booths are nut & bolt constructed for easy assembly

-High output light package on all blast booths

-Lights are 4 tube fluorescent fixtures

-Flat top or gable design per customer preference (gable design improves lighting)

-All lights come with polycarbonate lens covers

-Optional Neoprene wall covering for sound reduction

-Optional drive through design

-Optional engineered outdoor structure

-Roll up door options

-Bi-fold door option

-Tri-fold door option

-Extra man door options
-Nut & Bolt Assembled



-Assembly crews available

-Blast Booth only assembly available

-Assembly assistance options for added cost savings

-All booths come with assembly instructions

-Self assembly phone support

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